The regular meeting of the Oliver Springs Town Council was called to order on
August 21, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Chris Hepler. All were present.
The meeting was opened in prayer by City Recorder Van Hook followed by the
pledge to the flag.
Motion by Craze and second by Walker to approve the minutes of the previous
meeting as presented. All voted aye.
The Mayor announced that at the Oliver Springs Historical Society Building (the
old Abston Garage building) a new stained glass window had been installed over the
entrance door. The stained glass window was a beautiful and outstanding addition to the
Historical Society’s building.
A. Repairs have been made to Mrs. Phillips’ culvert at the end of Main Street.
Repairs have also been made to the catch basin at 804 Main Street. Culverts that have
been purchased by citizens on Sycamore have been or are being installed as of August 19,
B. Weather permitting, hot mix from Rogers Group will be used to make street
repairs to Midway Drive at Sleepy Hollow; Bennett Road; and Oak Circle. Other street
repairs will be made as weather, materials, and time permit. A request for a proposal as
to roadwork for larger street areas will be sent to vendors in order to compare the inhouse
costs to the costs of a vendor. Weather permitting, work will begin on Monday on
the municipal parking lot with an estimated time of construction being about three days.
C. The Gifford residence on Kreis Circle has been demolished and removed. As
the original condemnation was for the residence only, the outbuildings were not included
in the condemnation and were not required to be demolished.
D. Brush pick-up will continue on Friday. The cut-off deadline for the placement
of brush at curbside was August 15, 2014.
E. A bid for an outside glass faced enclosed bulletin board to be purchased and
installed on the front of City Hall adjacent to the dedication plaque (right side of entry
door) is enclosed to each Member. The use of this will allow public notices to be posted
in the box behind glass and not be posted on the front door of City Hall, which is
awkward, unsightly, and subject to abuse by weather and vandals.
F. The street department will begin several projects within the next few weeks,
including the sidewalk on Esterbrook Avenue, Carmichael Park, and the municipal
parking lot.
G. The Carmichael Park grant project is being reevaluated in that based upon the
turn at Strutt Street onto Wilson Road, the narrow streets, and the thin pavement, it will
be extraordinarily difficult if not impossible to move heavy equipment onto the park site.
Heavy equipment is needed for the original plans wherein the hillside would be cut down
with the surplus dirt used to fill lower areas, to make a much larger and flatter area for the
pavilion and the playground. In view of this logistical problem, the project is being
redesigned where the pavilion and the playground equipment most likely will be placed
on the lower field area.
Mr. Benjamin of the Mamie Carmichael School Organization spoke and indicated
that the members wish to be an asset to the Town and to help with the work on the park
whenever possible in order to make the Park a reality. The members will try to
accomplish whatever may need to be done as this project means a great deal to the
members. The Mayor thanked the members of the Mamie Carmichael School
Organization for their offer of help and their dedication to the project. There was also
discussion that the individual with whom Mrs. Treece is dealing may not have the
authority on behalf of the Mamie Carmichael School Organization to make decisions.
Mrs. Treece advised that she would obtain the name of the proper individual and deal
directly with him in the future.
Mr. Stinnett asked and Mrs. Treece advised that Midway Drive and Bennett Road
have been patched.
Mr. Cox asked and Mrs. Treece advised that the Town is still picking up brush.
Rogers Group called today and advised that it was making hot mix and the Town adjusted
its work schedule in order to pick up the hot mix and apply it to several of the city streets.
Brush pick-up will continue on Fridays and at such other times as the work crew is
Mr. Craze asked and several advised that regarding the trees and limbs blocking
street lights, Mrs. Treece will contact Clinton Utility Board to determine if it is the
responsibility of CUB to keep these limbs trimmed or whether that would be the
responsibility of the Town.
Mr. Holland asked and the Mayor advised that regarding the grant for the entrance
signs to the Town, this is still a work in progress. The signs have been designed, but as of
this date, no contractor has been located to paint and install them.
Mr. Craze asked and was advised that at 804 Main Street, the drain tile was
Mr. Holland observed that the old wooden power poles have been replaced by
taller metal poles, and CUB and several other utilities have moved their lines from the
older wooden poles to the newer metal poles. However, the telephone company, the
cable television company, and perhaps other utilities have not moved their lines from the
older poles to the new poles. Mr. Holland thought that it would be appropriate that this
be done, and the older poles can then be removed. Mrs. Treece indicated that she would
check on this.
Upon recommendation by Police Chief Kenneth Morgan, motion by Cox and
second by Walker to promote Patrolman Sam Seiber to full time employment at the
regular rate of pay and with standard benefits. All voted aye.
With no further business to come before the meeting, the meeting was upon
motion duly made and seconded and unanimously approved, adjourned at 7:13 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Joseph H. Van Hook
City Recorder
Chris Hepler
TOS Minutes 8-21-14