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Animal Control
Animal Control - Tags - Regulations
Mark Neeley
Animal Control Office
701 Main Street (Police Dispatch)
Oliver Springs , TN  37840

Phone 865-435-7777

Tuesday - Saturday
Animal Control 

To view The Town of Oliver Springs complete code for Animal Control please select the link below

Title 10 - Animal Control Codes

Licensing of dogs and cats

Town of Oliver Springs residents are required to obtain a City license for all cats and dogs.  You may do so my contacting our Animal Control Officer at Central Dispatch for the Oliver Springs Police Department 

The fees are as follows:

 Non-Fixed: $10.00 per year.
 Spade/Neutered: $6.00 per year.

Nuisance Animals 

If you have concerns as to an animal running at large we ask that you please contact Police Dispatch.   


Smiley face Town of Oliver Springs
717 Main St.
Oliver Springs, TN 37841
Ph: 865-435-7722
Fx: 865-435-4881