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Planning Commission / Board of Zoning of Appeals
Dan Hawk - East Tennessee Development District

Ph: 865-414-1479

Directive of Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals: 

The Town of Oliver Springs has a Planning Commission comprised of nine residents/volunteers.  This commission reviews all potential developments to insure that the Town's quality standards are met.  the Planning Commission handles citizen's requests and concerns as to this same matter.  Additionally the planning commission gathers information and produces various plans and special maps for the Town of Oliver Springs.

Planning Commission members:

Eddie Coker - Chairman, Faye Curd, Charles Tichy, Ken Palmer, Darrell Slater,
Omer Cox, Nathan Benson, Jay Bradshaw.   

Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall

Board of Zoning Appeals

Omer Cox - Chairman, Jay Bradshaw, Faye Curd, Eddie Coker, Charles Tichy 

The Board of Zoning Appeals hears and decides various questions and issues on the zoning ordnances of Oliver Springs in accordance with the requirements of state law. 

Board of Zoning Appeals are held on an as needed basis.  See Meeting calendar for exact time and location.


Town of Oliver Springs Zoning Ordinance Link

If you would like to review the Town of Oliver Springs Zoning Ordinances you my do so by selecting the Link below.

Town of Oliver Springs Zoning Ordinances

Please note the section 11-411 (Signs) has been updated/revised as of February 9, 2010.  Please use the link listed below to review updated Sign Regulations 

Sign Ordinance

Town of Oliver Springs
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Oliver Springs, TN 37841
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