Fire Department


The Oliver Springs Fire Department (OSFD) is a volunteer paid-on-call all hazards fire department that serves the citizens and visitors in the Town of Oliver Springs. 


OSFD services 5.5 square miles of the Town of Oliver Springs located in Roane, Morgan, and Anderson Counties. Our district includes parts of state highways 61 and 62 . Communities within that service area include Kellytown, Tuppertown, Windrock, and Norwood.

Our Automatic Aid response are with neighboring departments covers approximately 100 square miles, including parts of Anderson and Roane Coutnies and portions of Morgan County.

The department provides Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Fire and Rescue Services. General Information:

OSFD has approximately 20 members, all of whom are trained firefighters. Every firefighter receives the same training as paid, "professional" firefighters, but they train on their own time and volunteer their services to the community. Firefighters are also trained as first responders, emergency medical technicians and paramedics.

Tennessee requires a minimum of 40 hours of firefighter training per year, and the Insurance Services Office (ISO) requires 267 hours of training per year, with additional training for truck operators and officers.

In addition to fighting fires and providing emergency medical services, OSFD also provides the following services:

  • Developing Pre-Fire Plans for businesses that detail each specific business and all necessary information useful for firefighter response, including manager or owner contact numbers
  • Checking your home or business for possible hazards related to warning signals from carbon monoxide detectors or other alarms, damaging storms or suspicious odors
  • Installing free smoke detectors provided by the FEMA
  • Rescuing children or pets locked in rooms or cars, and people trapped in elevators
  • Handling utility shut-off during an emergency
  • Testing the community's more than 200 fire hydrants on a regular basis
  • Providing safety presentations to your neighborhood, school, church, civic group or business
  • Teaching CPR classes